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Welcome to Hopleys

  • Hopleys Garden - part of our 5 acre display garden.

  • Hopleys Nursery - young plants growing on.

  • Hopleys Café

  • Hopleys at Shows - Gold Medal display at Hampton Court

  • Hopleys Exhibitions - Sculpture in Hopleys Garden

  • Hopleys Workshops - Botanical Painting in progress

  • Hopleys Sundries - Our Wavy Spade

  • Hopleys Events - Fairport Convention on stage

  • Hopleys Venue - Wedding Reception in the garden

  • Hopleys Facilities - even space to park your helicopter!






Nursery, Garden and Café now open


Open-Air Theatre

Immersion Theatre are presenting 'Wind in the Willows' in the garden at Hopleys on Sunday 23rd July 2017 from 6pm.  Tickets may now be purchased online - see Event Tickets on left, or else tickets are available on the gate (please bring cash).


Mail Order

Our website is now taking orders for Spring delivery.

New Website

We do apologise for the continued delay in launching our new website.  Having hoped to have had it operational in the Autumn we have seen deadlines pass repeatedly.  As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating for both our customers and ourselves.  Many apologies for the delay.









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