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Welcome to Hopleys

  • Hopleys Garden - part of our 5 acre display garden.

  • Hopleys Nursery - young plants growing on.

  • Hopleys Café

  • Hopleys at Shows - Gold Medal display at Hampton Court

  • Hopleys Exhibitions - Sculpture in Hopleys Garden

  • Hopleys Workshops - Botanical Painting in progress

  • Hopleys Sundries - Our Wavy Spade

  • Hopleys Events - Fairport Convention on stage

  • Hopleys Venue - Wedding Reception in the garden

  • Hopleys Facilities - even space to park your helicopter!




Hopleys Garden Open for Air Ambulance

On Sunday 24th July Hopleys Garden is Open in aid of the Herts & Essex Air Ambulance.  Come and enjoy an afternoon in our 5 acre garden with music, tombola, q&a sessions with Ken Crowther and supported by Baby Bio.  Open from 12:30 to 5pm.


We are often asked for a catalogue of the plants that we grow.  We used to do this every year but in recent years, as users of the website have increased, we have found that smaller and smaller print runs has made the production of a catalogue difficult to justify.  One advantage for us of not producing a catalogue is that it frees us up to change what we grow all the time without us feeling that we have to grow all the plants that are listed.  Of the 1700 or so varieties that we are offering this year there are over 250 that we didn't grow last year and this makes it more interesting for us but also for you too we hope.  Many we only grow in small numbers and many never make it to the website so do come along to Hopleys and have a look.


Tickets are now on sale for
Hopleys Open-air Garden Theatre
The Railway Children

By Chapterhouse Theatre Company
Saturday 23rd July at 6.30pm








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