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Trade terms are offered to Garden Designers, Landscapers, Nurseries, Garden Centres and Gardens open to the public for more than 6 months a year.  Two trade references are required to prove your status as a trade customer after which you will be issued with a trade card entitling you to trade discount.  This will also allow you access to the wholesale section of this website.

Prices & Discounts

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers are eligible for  a 20% discount off retail prices. Perennials, Grasses and Ferns are discounted by 35%.

Plants that are rare, difficult to propagate or in short supply may not be eligible for discount.  No other discounts apply.

Minimum Order

We have no minimum order, but ask that customers benefitting from trade discounts should purchase within the spirit of wholesale.


We are on the Agricultural Flat Rate VAT Scheme so if you are not VAT registered we do not charge any VAT, so don't forget that our prices should be compared with other suppliers VAT inclusive prices!  VAT rated customers may reclaim a 4% Flat Rate Addition.


Delivery by our own transport can be arranged at a mutually convenient time for orders exceeding £250 to one address within 30 miles of Hopleys at the following rates:


Orders under £250

Orders over £250

Within Much Hadham Parish



Within 5 miles



Within 10 miles



Within 20 miles



Within 30 miles



Within M25



Within London Emission Zone



Over 30 miles



Delivery is offered to kerbside only.  We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to property should customers request us to enter their site.

Help unloading would be appreciated.

We reserve the right to charge customers who postpone a delivery if this entails unloading and reloading etc.

Courier delivery can be arranged to other areas of mainland Britain in which case trade discounts will not apply.


We make no charge for collating orders but request 2 days notice of collection.  Customers are asked to bring their own crates/boxes.

Reserving Plants

We will reserve plants for a maximum of 2 weeks following a confirmed order.


We do not operate customer accounts. All orders must be paid for on collection or before delivery.


Please feel free to ask the availability of any of the plants in our retail catalogue or indeed for any of your requirements - if we do not grow it, we may well be able to offer suitable substitutes. Send us your list and we will give you a quotation. Quotations are valid for a period of 4 weeks with offers subject to availability at time of order.


We guarantee that our plants are true to name and supplied in good condition.  Any discrepancies must be notified to us in writing within 14 days of receipt, and if found to be upheld will result in replacement or a refund not exceeding the invoice value of the plants in question.  After this time we accept no responsibility.

Acceptance of Terms

Orders are processed on the understanding that these Trade Terms have been accepted by the purchaser.

Revised 03/03/16

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